Friday, February 20, 2009

Beaver tails... mmm

Hoo boy... that long weekend threw everything off, especially my sleep schedule. Being a zombie at work is no fun (one possible exception: if you're working closely with Simon Pegg on Shaun of the Dead 2).

The day started off with a one-hour commute that stretched to two hours because of last night's snowfall. Honestly, people, this is Toronto. It's the middle of February. Why aren't drivers used to snow yet? (More on snow at the bottom.)

So I was exiting the subway station near my office, counting down the hours left in the workday, when I saw an old co-worker going the other way. We were both in a hurry, but it was good to reconnect for a minute. The meeting was so unexpected that it brightened my morning just like that. Strange how old friends can do that.

In books, news, and books news, this is what's catching my attention:

-An online book club? Yessiree, and from none other than The New Yorker. February's book is Revolutionary Road, by Richard Yates. Check it out here.

-Newsflash: Gamers read. Galleycat posted a blurb and a video on the subject. Those millions of dedicated WoW-ers (probably not the right term) are also dedicated readers, and that's good news for fantasy writers.

-Life of Pi gets the big screen treatment. Maybe. This rumour's been around before, but now Variety is reporting that Ang Lee has signed on to direct. I like Lee. He brought Brokeback Mountain and Sense and Sensibility to the screen. Life of Pi will be interesting. I wonder how the child chosen to play Piscine will like acting opposite a tiger in a lifeboat.

-US President Obama visited Ottawa yesterday for a glorious 7 hours. Canadian news stations loved it. American reporters? They may have had a bit of trouble. Lest you think that article is all about American naivete when it comes to the Great White North, scroll down to the second half. The Canucks get made fun of too. Good-natured bashing is fun.

By the way, the American president has now bought and eaten a Beaver tail.

I'm Canadian, and I've never had one. I'll have to add it to my To-Do list.


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