Thursday, February 26, 2009

Picture crazy

Only a couple of days are left for you to enjoy an authentic February day. Two months of 2009 will officially be over. Where has the time gone? Everything since Christmas has been a blur, and who's to blame? Benjamin Button?

Anyway, it's been a while since I took some good photos, and even longer since I edited them or posted them anywhere. I'm not about to start tonight, but I think I'll post some fairly recent ones.

This nostalgia trip started when I opened my photo folders and saw some shots from October. I'm a September baby, but I think October wins the Favourite Month of the Year award. October has autumn trees with crisp brown leaves, frozen grass and frosted glass, chilly nights, Halloween frights, Ichabod Crane, and... pumpkins.

And, since I already posted pictures of Darcy (aka Superdog), and because the world can't have enough puppies, this is our other dog, Stewie.

I'll include the cats one day. Although, on a cat-related note, this strip should let you know why I love Get Fuzzy, Darby Conley, and grammar jokes. (BTW, is it even legal to post this?)

That's enough for now. I'll try to post something of substance very soon. Good night, Constant Reader, and enjoy your last two days of February.

Sincerely yours,

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