Thursday, May 28, 2009

Two trailers, and some more George Martin

Because I love them.

1) I'm hoping Sherlock is as good as I've always hoped it would be. If you recognize the photo from The Adventures of Robin Hood in my header, you'll probably know that the bad guy on the left is Basil Rathbone, who was one of the film incarnations of Sherlock, and pretty much how I imagined him until Rubber Ducky Jr came along. I loved the books, I loved the suspense. Not the biggest fan of Jude Law, which might have more to do with Sean Penn defending his honour at the Oscars, but I digress. Bring it!

2) The Road. Please be a good post-apocalyptic movie. I know the stories are not at all similar, but I'd prefer something as good as Mad Max, instead of something like... The Postman. (Note: That's kind of unfair. I never watched The Postman. But I'm trusting the opinion of those who told me not to. Any nay-sayers?) And speaking of similar stories, Denzel Washington's new project, The Book of Eli, kind of sounds like The Road. Who would you prefer having on your side at the end of the world, Denzel or Viggo?

Last, but not least, A Game of Thrones gets the HBO treatment? That could work. So far, the only confirmed casting is Peter Dinklage as Tyrion, but I saw the words "Sean Bean as Ned Stark" floating around. Not what I pictured, but good choice nonetheless.


Big Bear said...

Interesting how the trailer makes the Road seem a lot more actiony than it is. I hear it's fantastic, but it's a small movie, not really that "epic". I hear it's also crazy bleak and depressing.

Errant Knave said...

Crazy bleak and depressing? I think you're right. Cormac McCarthy doesn't seem to have an optimistic bone in his body, but he still writes some good stories.

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