Saturday, June 6, 2009


I started writing on a whim. It was raining one day, I saw a crow land on a tree, and I started writing. That's it. I never thought I'd stick with it, but one page became two, which became ten, and so on.

I decided very early on that I would stay away from a lot of fantasy races (ie elves), and try to have something else in a mostly-human world. I chose vampires. It was around first- or second-year university, and I was reading a lot of gothic texts. Vampires were pretty rare in fantasy texts.

Well, not any more. It's not like vampires didn't exist before Stephanie Meyer and True Blood. Anne Rice became a gajillionaire before turning super-Christian, and she did it by writing vampire novels. Dracula refuses to die more than a century after getting published, and why should he? He and Mina Karker are wicked. No pun intended. And where would Joss Whedon be without Buffy?

But... now vampires are everywhere. Is that good for my story?

Maybe I'm over-thinking things. Just to clarify: my story features vampires, but it's all about the humans.

Anyway, I've just finished re-writing the bulk of my story. This comes after three lengthy edits. I mentioned in my last post that re-writing 19 single-spaced pages in one day seemed like a lot. Until then, 10 a day was fantastic. Well, I blazed through the rest, and got the final 100 pages hammered out in 3 days.

Before I pat my back a little too hard, I should also point out that I still have about a week's worth of work to do on the ending. Everything hinges on the last four chapters. I want to say I'll be done by this time next week, but... we'll see.

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