Monday, August 17, 2009

Avatars, gamers, and nice guys

Here's a little bit of awesomeness that I have to share. (Yes, I say "awesomeness".)

First is the video for Do You Wanna Date My Avatar, by The Guild. I'd never heard of The Guild until an hour ago. Now I've watched some episodes online and I'm in love. And I'm not even a gamer! I'm like a starting character who needs to do some levelling. Or something to that effect. My favourite line: "I'm better than a real-world quest. You'll touch my plus 5 to dexterity vest." Directed by Jed Whedon.

Here is The Guild's website, and here is Felicia Day's site. She's the writer/producer/star/singer, and she's really good on violin.

The second thing I wanted to post is completely different from the first. It's about Nice Guys. What could anyone have to say about Nice Guys, other than we like them and their niceguyishness? Well, apparently there's a lot to be said against them. (A LOT. Make sure you have a few minutes.) My interest was piqued when Leigh Butler had this to say in her fantastic Wheel of Time Re-read commentary:

"That last is the ultimate pitfall of the Nice Guy. Anyone who hasn’t read that link, male or female, do yourself a favor and do so. And guys? Don’t be that guy. Really. And girls? Don’t be the female version of that guy, either. Really."

Pitfall of the Nice Guy? ¿Qué? So I read it, and now I'd have to agree. I think I've known some Nice Guys. I may even have been one, but hopefully not since high school. I hope I'm an actual nice guy. Sure, no one's perfect, but there ARE good guys out there, so why can't I aspire to be one?

You can read it here, courtesy of DivaLion. Naturally, it's just one person's opinion. Feel free to share your own.

EDIT (Added after initial posting)
It seems I won first prize in a TwitterFic contest by Book View Cafe last week. Entrants had five chances to tell a story using spiders and space stations, and to write it in 126 characters. Stories were judged on creative use of the theme and the medium. My one entry was: "Mr Kubrick? I know you want spider costumes, but if we dress the boys as apes, we'll save cash for the rotating space station." In all honesty, I much preferred one of the other entries that didn't even make the final list, but I digress. See the winners here.

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