Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Photos from the weekend protest

I bet most Canadians didn't know what the word "prorogue" meant not that long ago. The process of discontinuing a session of parliament is not new. Prime Ministers have used it several times, but this time it's causing a stir because Stephen Harper used it to get out of answering tough questions about his government. I guess he didn't want to slide in the polls, and look where that got him. His 15 point lead over the opposition is gone. It could be temporary, but I like that some folk have been paying attention to government shenanigans. Anything to stop the apathy of the last few years.

This weekend there were protests across the country. I went to the one in Toronto to see what the turnout would be like, and it was pretty good. Here are a few photos I snapped of the event.

EDIT: I thought I resized the photos. I definitely reduced the quality, but they still look huge. Sorry. I'll learn for next time.


mel said...

my favourite is the one of the woman with the flag. was she screaming? she looks so passionate. i love that canada can safely have protests.

bryesque said...

This is pretty great. If I were still in Toronto, I would have been there for sure. :)

I'm also hopeful that Harper's drop in the polls turns out to be something more permanent. This situation is such a shameless abuse of power - politicians need to be held accountable, and he's blatantly trying to dodge some tough questions he doesn't seem to have good answers for.

Errant Knave said...

Yeah, that woman was helping to lead the crowd in their chants. Safe protests? I'll say. There were three or four ladies singing acapella on stage when everyone arrived at Dundas Square. Hardly Rage Against the Machine.

Bry, amen. It's funny, because Chretien prorogued 4 times, compared to 2 for Harper. BUT, Harper's 2 times off are longer than Chretien's 4 put together, and Le petit gars de Shawinigan was in power a lot longer than Harper.

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