Wednesday, November 24, 2010

#ASoIaF Re-Read: A Game of Thrones, Part 32

Fellow knaves, I greet you. It's time for this re-read thingy to get moving, because we're almost down to the wire. I'll keep this preamble short, for once.

New readers: Here there be spoilers. Be warned ye who enter. The future of characters you've yet to behold shall be whispered in the posts and the comments, and all surprise at their fates shall be ruined. If you've yet to read A Song of Ice and Fire, get ye hence to a bookstore, library, or a friendly bookshelf and begin with A Game of Thrones. Or else risk all and enter.

The previous post: Part 31. For newcomers: the Introduction and Part 1.

A short deviation to let you know that casting for A Game of Thrones goes on even while they're filming, and Walder Frey--that weasel--has been cast. He'll be played by none other than Argus Filch, or, as the Muggles know him, David Bradley. It's looking like a well-rounded cast.

We'll chat about that in a couple of posts. For now, let's get to a couple of endings.

Friday, November 19, 2010

#ASOIAF Re-Read: A Game of Thrones, Part 31

Welcome to another edition of the ASoIaF re-read. This is Part 31 of this project, and after today we'll be only four chapters from the end of this book. Crazy, eh? Well, Part 31 is brought to you by this recently released photo from the HBO set of A Game of Thrones. It features Bran in the early days, hale and hearty, and Jon, looking ever so emo. Not sure I like the teen mustache, even if it is Movember.

This photo is just one of the several posted on Entertainment Weekly, although I found them via fellow Game of Thrones fan Malene at Stargazing. Most of the photos look pretty sweet. Jaime and Robert look great. I'd still quibble with some of the casting, but not with anything major. The only thing that stands out in a bad way is this caption for Tyrion: "Peter Dinklage's Tyrion Lannister, known as the Imp, is constantly getting into trouble because of his marauding ways." Marauding? HBO, are you creating a new side of Tyrion? Because I'm pretty sure marauders are people like the ironborn and the Bloody Companions, not the sons of Tywin.

Spoiler Alert: There are spoilers contained in the ASoIaF-related posts and comments at Fiefdom. If you don't know your Baratheons from your Lannisters, you might want to read A Game of Thrones first, and probably the other three books in A Song of Ice and Fire as well.

The last update was Part 30. If you feel like beginning at the beginning, there's an intro post, and a Part 1. If you want to start or continue any discussions in the comments, by all means, go right ahead. If you'd like to follow the blog, you can use Google Friend Follow, RSS, Twitter, or black magic. We don't discriminate.

Also, if there are any readers from Finland, there is a request from another reader: if you would know where to get Finnish translations of this series at a decent price (something under the 44€ that Suomalainen charges) please leave an answer in the comments. Thanks.

Alright. The end draws closer, so we'll continue under the cut/after the jump.
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