Sunday, April 17, 2011

A certain series premieres tonight, and other news

I caught a little bit of flak for yesterday's micro-post. Some people couldn't help referencing its brevity (I believe the word "concisity" was even mentioned). Everyone's a critic. I hope today's larger post is up to snuff.

-  This is the day I've been waiting for. A Game of Thrones premieres tonight, and I haven't been this excited about a beloved book adaptation since Lord of the Rings set the bar for excellence. Judging by everything I've seen, this series should be impressive. There will be discussions about the show in this space just as soon as I can watch it. It's also Sean Bean's birthday, so I'll wish him a very successful season on the show. Happy birthday, Ned Stark!

-  Speaking of epic fantasy on a large scale, Peter Jackson is back with the The Hobbit, and the PR machine is already rolling out behind-the-scenes footage. If you're a fan, you'll want to watch this. About the only negative thing is Jackson saying the crew will be working there for two or three years. Really?! How many years until we can finally see this movie?

-  If you're a fan of soccer (aka football), the next couple of weeks will be filled with a super-sized dose of excitement. See the game played at its peak four times by Barcelona and Real Madrid. May the best team win. (Or draw, since Game 1 of 4 ended in a tie.)

-  In other soccer news... remember when David Beckham played for Real Madrid? His overall game may be in decline, but the guy can still make make shots with laser-like accuracy. There are skeptics for this next video's authenticity, but I think the following trick shots are believable for a player of that calibre. They're also cool to watch:

-  I caught a show in Toronto this week, and the decision to go was so impromptu that I didn't know what kind of bands were playing. Imagine my surprise when a quarter of the audience (30+ anyway) suddenly went up to the stage area with lyric sheets in their hands and started singing. The group is called Choir! Choir! Choir!, and they do some sweet covers of tunes by The Who, ABBA, Sloan, and some hacks* known as the Beatles. Check them out. The music will put a smile on your face.

*No, I do not think they are hacks at all.

-  I posted some set photos a few weeks ago from a photo shoot I did for school. The idea was to shoot a bar scene in a desaturated, film noir/Mad Men style. I've posted a selection of the outcome for people to see.

-  Ridiculous musing of the week: If the name Mitch Buchannon means anything to you, then perhaps you can explain why there is a movie called Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding. I'm sure it's an underrated classic, but I'd like some verification.

-  The song of the week is still Got to Lose by Hollerado. The song really starts going at 1:03, the guitar lead has such a nice tone, and the band sounds reminiscent of early Weezer.

That's all for this post. I hope it was a little more fulfilling than the last one. Remember to tune in to A Game of Thrones, starting tonight. I hope it gets you to read the books.


Anonymous said...

i am excite for the AGOT pilot! i feel like i've been waiting years for this, and then i realize that was ADWD lol.

as for the Four El Clasicos of doom, did you watch the game? it was like mourinho rolled out with a lineup that had one purpose and one purpose only: to stop barca scoring. naturally you couldn't expect any pyrotechnics out of that.

francesco, in the interests of full disclosure i have to tell you that i am now dating a milanista. we can still be friends right? this is lya i'm too lazy to log in.

Darth Rachel said...

Well? What did you think about Game of Thrones?!!!

And I'm gonna come back later and look at those photos... not enough internet power right now.

Darth Rachel said...

Yay internet!

Ok, so I like 6 the best and then 4. 6 is reminding me of a Hopper painting.. something about the high contrast and the hand emerging from darkness.. very nice.

oh and the hobbit video! i did see that.. i got the teeniest bit emotional when PJ started calling them all by their dwarf names and then Ian talks in that voice.. ahhhhh! please don't take 3 years!

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