Saturday, April 30, 2011

Kate and Wills, A Dance with Dragons, conspiracy theories, and more

The weekend is here, and what a nice weekend it is. It's the last day of April, and rough winds will soon shake the darling buds of May... if we ever get buds around these parts. I'm not going to think of what spring looks like in my ancestral motherland. No, I'm just going to get on with this post, and count down the days until I can take a real vacation again.

Oh, and it's election day on Monday. The winds of change are blowing. Right, Mustache Jack?

-  Kate and Wills got married! I officially don't care. Unofficially, I really enjoyed this account of their wedding, plus a few photos from the ceremony. (More photos.) And who couldn't love this one (pictured at right) of the royals kissing in public for the first time... and getting photo-bombed by the three-year-old bridesmaid on the left? That kid's expression is priceless.
Cheers, from the Commonwealth.

-  Does anyone want to fly me to the UK for the Reading and Leeds festivals? Muse, The Strokes, and Cage the Elephant are just a few of the acts. I'll blog and tweet about it. Pretty please?

-  A Dance with Dragons is finished! Now... who wants to do the cerlox binding for the manuscript?

How do you transport that thing? That weighty tome makes a good case for e-readers.

-  Fast Five... is still fresh. What is going on?

-  Also in movie news, Thor is looking good. I generally have little faith in superhero movies that aren't directed by Christopher Nolan, but this one is done by Kenneth Branagh. I was a huge fan of his Shakespeare adaptations, but he's been kind of hit and miss when he steps away from the Bard. I'm glad to see he's doing well again.

-  Who likes conspiracy theories? Quite a lot of people, actually. This recent article from Slate delves into the reasons that some people turn to cracked theories even when there is a mountain of evidence against them. Some of these reasons include sorrow, anger, and a sense an alternate history would be more comfortable than the real one. If you read one article from here this week, please read this one.

-  While we're on hoaxes, the one I used to like was that Andy Kaufman faked his death. Hey, if anyone could have, it would have been him. The guy was ahead of his time, as pranks like him reading The Great Gatsby prove. It's a long clip, but the payoff is good.

-  James Blunt: singer, performer, and... perv? Just a bit. Let's just say that his live show involves asking the audience to flash him (the female audience, natch). That's all I'll say. Aside from him enjoying the perks of fame (no pun intended), he puts on quite a pleasing show. He's also a bit of a comedian, such as when he asks the few males in the audience what on earth they're doing at his show, then tells them that they're actually the smart ones because that's where all the women are. Touché, Mr. Blunt. Anyway, I'm giving him the Song of the Week Award for this catchy little ditty, called Dangerous.

Have a great weekend, everyone, and don't forget to keep watching A Game of Thrones! Episode 3 is almost here.


Darth Rachel said...

Brannagh did the opposite with Thor than what Nolan did with Batman, which is why I liked Thor and generally find Batman annoying -

They kept the cheese! The hammy, cheesy ridiculousness of it all MUST be acknowledged.. otherwise you get batman voice and no one thinks its stupid.

Errant Knave said...

haha! Batman voice is weird, I'll give you that. I heard that Thor was funny, which is one reason why I want to see it.

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