Saturday, April 9, 2011

The mid-afternoon post with the clever title. Ha. Ha. (See?)

It's the mid-afternoon edition of the Saturday Post, out so late because somebody slept in. Somebody. I'm not going to name names. Shall we begin?
-  Nuclear preoccupations, Part 1): Could there be a nuclear meltdown in Ontario? The Candu safety net.

-  Nuclear preoccupations, Part 2): Disaster in Japan: What Does it Mean to Us? by Nick Eyles.

-  The TED talks really cover a number of subjects. I was unaware that they covered gender dynamics as well. Here's one that puts out a call to men: What does it mean to be a man?

-  Love Ernest Hemingway? What about Spot the Dog? Did you know that Hemingway wrote Spot the Dog? Betcha didn't.

-  Silly stuff of the week: Nerds and rap music might not seem like an obvious mix, but that was before Albert Einstein and Steven Hawking decided to drop some science for an epic rap battle.

-  This is neat for anyone else anticipating the upcoming A Game of Thrones. It's a 25-minute look behind the scenes at making the show. There's interviews with cast members and George R. R. Martin.

-  I want to read Daniel Abraham's books this year because I've heard nothing but good things. Furthermore, he seems like an intelligent guy. (Not that general intelligence and social awareness is a prerequisite for being a good writer, as some authors who won't be named could prove.) In Epic Fantasy and the Weariness of War, Abraham takes a look at the supposed increased interest in epic fantasy. He suggests that despite the trappings of faux-Medieval worlds, the really great works are telling us that we're tired of war.

-  To anyone who hasn't read them, I highly recommend the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan, and lately by Brandon Sanderson. However, the series is gargantuan. If you prefer, you can read a more streamlined version that pares down the books to their essentials--if their essentials were written by Monty Python. For example:

Rand: I really should be going.
Lan: Yes, you should. Another lesson?
Rand: Sure.
Lan: This move is called "Ending the Book." Use it in a climactic battle at the end of the book against a bad guy.


Elayne: Mat, you must take this message to my mother.
Mat: Doesn't the royal family or the White Tower have carrier pigeons?
Elayne: Nope. Fresh out.
Mat: Seems silly.
Elayne: See this chin? I'll raise it.
Mat: Fine.

It's very tongue-in-cheek. Go Light.

-  Song of the Week: The first single from the upcoming album by Sam Roberts is really catchy. My favourite song from Sam Roberts was always Brother Down, their first single. Since then, I haven't been that captivated by their music. This song is different, especially once you get to 1:07.

Otherwise, this week has been filled with a lot of music by The Beatles and other bands from the 60s. Just because a lot of that music is new to me doesn't mean it is to everyone else, so I'll hold back from recommending their songs. For now.


Darth Rachel said...

that WOT link is hilarious. Have you ever seen WOT now?

I don't think they update it anymore, but it is also hilarious.

Errant Knave said...

I've never seen that, but it's amazing! It's Rand & Co. in a nutshell, especially when it comes to Faile. (Although I finally started to like her in the last book.)

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