Saturday, May 28, 2011

After the pouring rain, to meet the morning train

Now that the Rapture has been postponed until October (give or take a few billion years), we can get back to everyday business. You still have time to do that thing you always wanted to do. At least until the next Doomsday prediction.

That reminds me... my company was going to publish a Mayan calendar for next year that ended on December 21st. That never went anywhere.

Anyway, by the time you read this, I'll likely be dancing at a friend's wedding, or recovering from the effects of said wedding. Let's get down to business.

-   Have you ever wanted to befriend a island? Now's your chance. Seriously. Iceland wants to be your friend. Their stop-lights are allegedly shaped like hearts. I want this to be true, but couldn't find a reliable photo in the 12 seconds I took to search for proof.

Bonus: Is an Icelandic Volcano erupting?

-   Is the book dead?

-   You're on the run from bad guys. You're in a definite jam. What do you do? Easy. Pretend you're MacGuyver, make something out of nothing, and create an escape so brilliant that it becomes the stuff of legend. "That's not easy," you say. "MacGuyver was a genius, pulling his MacRecipes out of nowhere." I'm not denying any of this, so let me introduce you to MacRecipes! All the MacGuyver recipes, ever.

-   Oh, you silly people at The Onion. It seems some people think your made-up, over-the-top stories are for real. They are shocked. They post about their shock on Facebook. Their friends and family share the outrage. And then someone posts the outraged comments on Tumblr. I kind of love this site right now.

-   Definitely not from The Onion: "'Guilt-free shopping' will soon mean avoiding Made in USA labels on products made by workers denied a decent living wage." Yikes. Is the USA the world's sweatshop?

-   Did you ever play Mad Libs as a kid? I seem to have missed out on this game. I can't believe I've gone through life being labelled as a grammar nerd (a label I didn't really earn, as proven by my errors on this blog), and I didn't even know about this game. Try one of the online versions, and see if some of the results don't make you laugh out loud.

-   In music artist news, as of last week, Adele is no longer a stadium-concert virgin, breaking out in my hometown of Toronto. Congratualtions, Adele.

Unfortunately, tales of Adele's crippling stage fright don't seem to be overblown, as she's now saying she'll never play a festival or arena again. Oh well. Nyevah moind.

That brings us to the Song(s) of the Week. Since I've always admired artists who can strut their stuff live over the ones who stick to the comfort of the recording studio, let's go for some Adele, live on the Letterman show. Rolling in the Deep has a ton of airplay, but it's a good song. For my money, her performance on Jools Holland is much better. Still, aside from a couple of vocal wobbles that I'll chalk up to nerves, she slowly becomes more comfortable doing what she does best: singing her heart out. Check out Letterman's reaction at the end. Pretty sweet.

-   Bonus song and video:

I found this song on an oldies station recently. It's so earnest, and just a little repetitive. It makes me laugh. The video is even better. The drummer is their singer, and he's rocking an epic beard. So, I'm leaving you with this musical nugget: The Stampeders, singing their hit, Oh My Lady.

Have a great weekend.

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