Saturday, August 27, 2011

Over! Caffei! Nated!

Whoa there! That week went by entirely too quickly. And too slowly. That kind of makes sense, doesn't it? Maybe if you try really hard, and scrunch up your eyes, sort of like you have to with those 3D optical illusion pictures. Don't focus too much, except when you have to.

(Apologies. My thinking-brain is on the fritz.)

This is going to be a short-ish post, due to a renewed interest in sleep, and a lack of internet perusing. Crazy, I know.

To the post!

-   Why haven't I known about this? And do male versions of these exist? Beautiful Damn Heroes (and one villain, but it's Christina Hendricks, so that's alright).

-   Harry Potter: How It Should Have Ended.

Heh... "You... shall not... PASS!"

-   Maybe this is a little too fancy-pants for you (or fancy-shirts, as it happens), but damn if Proper Cloth isn't fantastic. The shirts are much more expensive than what I normally buy, but I'm tempted to order one and see how well the quality holds up. Shirt- and suit-making used to be the family business, and quality is usually more important than price.

-   I draw. Sometimes I even post the half-finished results. Here, here, here, and here. Working on an ambitious series though, part of an actual story (a famous one, too), and I might post sketches from that in a few weeks.

-   Brandon Sanderson's The Alloy of Law has been getting released chapter by chapter on, which is great for previews, and not so great for satisfying the need to read. The first six chapters are posted, and that's all anyone's going to get until November (!!!), when the book finally comes out. From what I can tell, this is a wicked cool book, with late-Victorian settings reminiscent of A League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (the book), or the latest Sherlock Holmes movies. Definitely on the Must-Read list.

-   Artist of the Week: Have you read Skim? it is a fabulous graphic novel. In Canada, it was nominated for the Governor General's Award a couple of years ago, which is a pretty big deal. That particular graphic novel owes as much to the story (by Mariko Tamaki) as it does to the art (by her cousin, Jillian Tamaki). But this is about visual artists, so this post is focusing on Jillian Tamaki. Maybe you've seen her stuff in various magazines, or on book covers like Half World, or a series of revamped Penguin Classics. She paints with a lot of inks and watercolours (from what I can tell). She has a great blog and website, and she frequently updates both, so I think you should check her out.

-   Song of the Week: At times it felt like I was one of very, very few people not on board with Florence Welch when Dog Days really blew up last year. I didn't mind the song, but I had issues with her as a singer. That was from Lungs, the first album by Florence + the Machine. Well, there's a new album coming out in November. The new song is What the Water Gave Me. Florence Welch is still doing her Kate bush thing, and the lyrics border on pretentious, but I'm fine with that this time around. Plus, the music is dreamy (which I don't care for) and intricate (which I do). I give it a thumbs up.


The end? I should write these earlier.

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mel said...

LOL I love the Harry Potter clip. Especially the reference to the Honey Badger!!

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