Saturday, September 3, 2011

I'm floating in a most a-peculiar way

Did I mention I was busy last week? Hah! Well, the pedal went right against the metal this week. "Woe is me," and all that. But I couldn't avoid posting. Not when last week's post was short-ish. So, give me a pat on the back, will ya?

I kid, I kid.

But this one's going to be short, too. Isn't that right, Sad Keanu?

-   I think the headline says it all: Kids Sue Mom Over Birthday Card. Ok, it really skims over everything else, but the bottom line is that--judging by this article alone--these kids are spoiled brats. Props to the judge for calling them out. So over-the-top that it's almost funny.

-   An Ontario illustrator by the name of Andrew Kolb has turned David Bowie's Space Oddity into a picture book. He's since taken down the PDF of the complete work, but you can still see some of the illustrations on his website. As of this writing, Bowie hasn't commented on it (and maybe hasn't seen it), so this work will remain unavailable to the public until Kolb gets consent. If he ever does.

-   Relevant: Bowie in Space.

-   This had me laughing out loud at work. Maybe you'd understand. Have you ever had awkward eye contact at the gym? For that matter, it's the exact same thing in a men's washroom. There are rules for this kind of thing, you know.

But what are women like in the same situation, I wonder?

-   Song of the Week: Kiss Cam is the second song by Arkells on this blog, although I'd have to go back and see if I gave them the SotW title last time or just plunked them in. (Edit: They shared the spot with The Suburbs by Arcade Fire.) This time around we're going with a very laid back tune. Their album, Michigan Left, comes out soon. This video ends at the Laveview, and I can vouch for it being the best late night diner in Toronto. It's definitely a good place to go after a Friday night salsa lesson at Lula Lounge. (So I hear.)

Seriously, don't knock salsa dancing until you try it. Just don't step on your partner's toes.


It's a long weekend, though. Mayhaps there'll be something on Tuesday? (Edit: It will take a minor miracle.) We'll see. Enjoy your Labour Day weekend, whatever you do. Be responsible.

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