Saturday, November 26, 2011

Top 5 Tips to Avoid Feeling Cold and Sleepy

Good day, everyone. I'm going with something a little different today. Due to my fascination with Top lists, I'm writing up a couple of lists that have come in through email suggestions and posting them here. What a particular subject answered? Drop me a line or mention it in the comments, and I'll take it into consideration. My lists won't always be serious, and sometimes they'll be a bit cheeky. Then again, it might just be a passing thing and I'll drop them in a bit.

Assisting me with this week's list is a little elf who lives in my head and lives for candy. Gumdrops are his favourite. I've sketched him out for all of you to see, and if he behaves, he might make more appearances on the blog. (IF he behaves. Despite his demeanor in these sketches, he's actually a very mischievous and irritable elf.)

Top 5 Tips to Avoid Feeling Cold and Sleepy, as compiled by Yours Truly.

1) Boil some tea.
It is a truth universally known that the simple act of boiling tea, followed by the consumption of said tea will relieve the tea-drinker of cold effects. A decrease in chills is common and inversely proportionate to the increase in warm, fuzzy feelings. A good mood will ensue.

2) Wear a sweatsuit.
This should be a given, but it's astonishing how many people under-utilize this article of clothing. Long derided for its appearance on out-of-shape joggers and professionals in the pimping industries, what these garments lack in shape-enhancing appeal they more than make up for in critical warmth during those cold, winter months. Wear one. Just don't let the neighbours see you.

3) Plan a special evening with your loved one.
That movie you wanted to see? Don't put it off any longer. That dinner you wanted to make or order in? Make sure you have a shopping list or the ingredients well before hand. Feel like ordering from that restaurant you like instead? Have their number and address ready. Those romantic things that you always wanted to do with your loved one (or to your loved one)? Tonight's the night. Do whatever you usually do to make yourself feel your finest, and then kick in something extra. What's extra, you say? Well, it's... more. Let your imagination run wild. After all, it's a special night, isn't it?

4) Take a nap.
With sleep deprivation becoming more common in an age of increased entertainment and social obligations, a nap can restore some sense of peace to your day. If you're worried about over-sleeping, set an alarm to make sure you're awake again with plenty of time to do anything else, and to give you enough time to shake any lingering grogginess. Don't forget to brush your teeth once you wake up, especially if you get cotton-mouth. Mouthwash isn't a bad idea either.

5) Snuggle with your significant other.
Falling somewhere in-between a nap and an activity, snuggling should be appreciated for the variety of comforts it provides. Besides warming two bodies at the same time, lying together brings comfort through physical closeness. Do not underestimate the power of touch to deepen the bond between you and your loved one. Being in each other's personal space increases trust and deepens affection. It's a good way to begin or end that list you made in Point # 3.

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen; one way to beat the winter blahs. Is it the right way for you? Let me know.


I'll leave you with the following Song of the Week. I'm afraid the song I've listened to the most is a former SotW, and therefore ineligible to win twice, so we'll go with another deserving choice. That would be Color On The Walls (Don't Stop), by Foster the People. It's a catchy little ditty, reminiscent of some Blur Britpop. (That isn't meant in a bad way. I like Blur.) You might be humming this one for a while.


That's all. Thanks for reading, and let me know if there's a specific Top 5 list you want to know about. Oh, and thank you, little elf, for behaving.


Floriana Evelyn said...

LOVE the elves

mel said...

I do not own a sweatsuit and do not plan on ever owning one.
I will stay warm with wool slippers and good blankets thankyouverymuch ;)
Love the elves!

Errant Knave said...

Thank you, thank you. I have more drawings of that little guy, but these were the happiest ones I could get out of him. Otherwise he tends to be in a bad mood unless he's being bribed with candy. :)

Wool slippers? Such things exist? They sound unbelievable warm, although they probably look nothing like the woolly feet-coverings I'm picturing.

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