Monday, June 28, 2010

#ASOIAF Re-read: A Game of Thrones, Part 18

What a difference a few days can make. Last time I posted, I was praying for the Azzurri to win. Well, that didn't happen. But I survived, making it through the five stages of grief. There was more shame and anger than outright depression. In other words, it wasn't 1994.

A few things helped pull me out of my funk, including this little re-read, and you, the readers. (Awww...)

Here is the last post (part 17), the intro post, and the first for-real post. You can keep on top of the shenanigans at this blog in several ways, including the #ASOIAF hashtag on Twitter, and the RSS button near the upper right of the screen.

Let's do this.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

#ASOIAF Re-read: A Game of Thrones, Part 17

Ahoy, ASOIAFers! Thanks for dropping in. This has been a decent week. Work is alright, World Cup matches are fun, and I had my very first earthquake experience. Yes, an earthquake. Everything is fine (it was pretty small), but it was a bit confusing for about a minute as we wondered just what was going on. This isn't a San Andreas Fault kind of area.

But life went back to normal after a few minutes, and as such, we are back with the next instalment of A Game of Thrones. Our last post was Part 16, and if you are a newcomer, you can start with the intro or jump to Part 1, or start wherever you like. Don't let the man tell you what to do. You are the master of your domain. And so forth.

Twitterers, you'll can use the #ASOIAF hashtag, and anyone can click the RSS button right under the blog header featuring Basil Rathbone and Errol Flynn in what is still the best Robin Hood ever made. (Bring it, Russell!)

It's June 24th, and I may well be reduced to tears in a few hours if Italy doesn't advance in the World Cup. In the meantime, here is the first post-earthquake post.

Monday, June 21, 2010

#ASOIAF Re-read: A Game of Thrones, Part 16

Hello, and welcome back to this little thing called the ASOIAF Re-read. It’s been a while, but I’m back from vacation, ready to buckle down and finish A Game of Thrones.

A few things have happened while I was away. For example, the teaser trailer for next year’s A Game of Thrones has been released. If you think you’ll enjoy 17 seconds of darkness plus 5 seconds of random footage and ominous music tones, then it’s a very exciting trailer. Expect longer trailers before summer is out.

If you’re feeling rusty and need to remember where we left off, that would be Part 15, and if this is your first time visiting, the whole shebang starts off here with the intro and Part 1. Wit and coherence vary. Spoilers abound.

If you're following on Twitter, you'll want to use the #ASOIAF hashtag, or you can click the handy-dandy RSS button right under the blog header featuring Errol Flynn.

It’s June 21’st, the first day of Summer. Summer is the name of Bran’s direwolf. This post features Summer and Bran. It also features Dany, who’s been missing for a while. So let’s start with her, shall we?

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