Saturday, July 30, 2011

Talking about aliens and wizards. Lots of wizards.

Back to posting on weekends now. Yippee! It feels different, somehow. Is that just me? Probably. Ok, you know the drill. Have at it.

Monday, July 25, 2011

If you've got the curves, I've got the angles

What a weekend. First, the tragedy in Norway is still too horrific to comprehend. What does one do after a streak of madness causes widespread devastation, affecting countless lives? I'm quite at a loss. I'll pray for the victims, and hope their families find strength and solace somewhere, somehow. If you, Dear Reader, or someone you know has been affected, I'm sorry for your loss.

In another bit of sad news, Amy Winehouse passed away, joining other troubled celebrities who died at an early age. She leaves behind a brief legacy of some quality songs and a whole lot of what-ifs.

What now? I'm out of my depth when it comes to such serious matters. So, I'll do what I know and put up my usual type of post. It's a couple of days late, again, and I'm not sure if that's a sign of things to come. We'll see how the next few weeks go.

*FYI, the title of this post is borrowed from Wolfman Jack, a deceased radio DJ. He was a wholesome fellow.

Monday, July 18, 2011

C'est what? A post?! Mes oui.

Well, hello there, and good morning to you. Posts will continue to go up on weekends, but I had a lot to catch up on after going away for a few days. (More about that in the post.) Now the weekend is over and maybe you don't have to time to sit back and browse the latest bits and bites posted in this Fiefdom. So I'll cut the preamble and start you off, right after I point out this image of a funny (and obviously fake) Google postcard that I wish existed. It's things like this that make me laugh at 7 AM.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

It was like shooting a sitting duck

Greetings, dear readers! Welcome to this weekend's post, which is chock-full of videos. It was that kind of a week. (Aside: What is a chock, and why is it full? Discuss.)

I'm writing this post at an ungodly hour, even for me, and basically pulling an all-nighter. Stupid, stupid idea. The dawn light is growing by the second, and I can hear birds chirping. Dear bird, it's 4:45 AM. Get a life.

As always, thanks for stopping by, and I hope you find some or all of these items interesting.

*Deep breath*... Let's go.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

If this is formatted wrong, it's because I hate trackpads

The post! The post! The merry old post! The Saturday post is here!

Sorry for last week's hiatus. I spent last weekend doing things like attending an engagement party, and photographing a wedding. It was a fantastic ceremony, and quite enjoyable, considering I was technically working. I shot the wedding with a friend, and she's got a lovely image from that day over at her blog. I'll post a couple after we've given the shots back to the bride and groom. As long as we're on the subject, here's a little piece of advice to any future brides, grooms, and people who might have a say in a wedding: please, please, PLEASE make sure your locations are well-lit. The better lit the area, the better your photos will be. It helps, anyway.

Now wouldn't you know, I have another wedding to go to today. Not a moment to lose, then, have we? To the post!!!

(And if you like this silly image, click for more Judgemental Bookseller Ostrich.)
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