Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween countdown is on! But what do I wear?

Frost! There's frost on the ground! And I'm not even ready to winterize my car yet. Oh, the humanity. What's a fella to do when he's feeling blue? Surf the internets, of course. And would somebody mind helping me with a Halloween costume? My sisters imposed a musical theme on the costumes, to which I say phooey. It's difficult enough finding a costume when there aren't restrictions. But I'd rather find a costume than have to explain myself. So, what'll it be?

Oh, that's just my Halloween pumpkin. It was supposed to be Mordecai from Lackadaisy, giving a dark, smoldering, "Valentino" look. He doesn't get it.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

When exactly DOES the narwhal bacon?

I confess, this post is a few hours old. I had to write it early so I could sleep in on Saturday morning. If there is any justice, I am snuggled in bed right now, enjoying the start of the weekend by spending it in dreamland.

So, whether you're just waking up or just winding down, I hope you enjoy this week's post. Let's start you off with...

Saturday, October 1, 2011

You'd think a monumental discovery would get a bit more excitement

Here's the deal, loyal readers. Last week I was feeling the after-effects of too many brownies and cookies for a birthday thing at work, and then there was the headache from a birthday get-together at a local pub. Ye gods and little fishes... none of that went over well.

But--trooper that I am--I recovered, only to fall at the hands of rhinitis acuta catarrhalis, better known as the common cold. (Woe is me, eh?) Therefore it is with a cough and a sniffle that I type this out, and it is why this entry will be more brief than usual.

Initiating brevity... now.
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