Tuesday, April 21, 2009


All's been quiet on the blogging front this past week, but I've been busy off-screen. With my courses wrapped up, I found myself with the luxury of free time. I got back to writing, working out, playing music, and seeing my girlfriend. It's been almost as much fun as vacation. Of course, if I were on vacation, I wouldn't have to be at my full-time job, dealing with all the stress and politics of my branch. Oh well... you can't have everything.

I saw State of Play a couple of times, and I really enjoyed it. It hooked me from the get-go, and left me feeling satisfied. Aggravating note from the second viewing: There were about twenty people in the theatre (early show, Monday night, small theatre), leaving a few hundred seats empty. Two guys walk in, and the lead guy moves into the row in front of me, and sits down two seats to my left. What does his friend do? He plops himself in front of me. Of all the empty seats to pick. This isn't a big, stadium-seating kind of theatre, so it made a difference. Couldn't he have sat beside his friend? Was he worried about seeming bromantic? Has he not seen I Love You, Man? Whatever. I survived.

Back to the movies: I really want to see Public Enemies. 1) I like the primary cast and the director. 2) I like the subject. 3) I really like the song in the second half of the trailer, Ten Million Slaves. You know, I'm not a fan of guns, but I really don't mind outlaw and gangster flicks.

Looking ahead, I'm putting the final touches on my manuscript, and typing up the edited copy shouldn't take more than a couple of weeks, as long as my production is steady. With no classes until May 5th, that shouldn't be a problem.

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