Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mid-day break, with links and cake

I actually have some time for lunch today. One of our fantastic authors stopped by the office and brought cheesecake. So I will pass on some links from the last couple of days and enjoy my delicious slice of cherry cheesecake.

-I imagine most people have heard about the following story by now, but the next time you feel like making tagliatelle with sardines and prosciutto, and you find yourself reaching for your Australian edition of the Pasta Bible, double check if the recipe calls for freshly ground black pepper or freshly ground black people. It's generally impossible to catch every single typo, but that one will cost a small fortune.

-I mentioned some MS Paint comics last weekend. Well here is Billy: A Love Story. This comic by Nic Boshart is about a love affair with IKEA's Billy bookshelf. Between the new-looking copy of Ulysses and the Boing Boing bookshelf "porn", file this one under Funny Because It's True.

-I bought two graphic novels yesterday. I know, like I need more books on my To Read pile. One is Mercury by Hope Larson, an artist I quite like. I hope the story is as good as the illustrations. And the other is Volume 1 of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, which I've read before.

-Some people like chewy cookies. Not me. I think twice-baked biscotti are the way to go. But not everyone grew up cracking their teeth on Italian cookies. So you decide how you want to bake your dunking sweets: crisp, soft, or chewy.

-Now that the ash cloud from Iceland's unpronounceable volcano has shifted a bit, people can get back to planning upcoming European vacations. If you're still thinking of places to go, my friend Mel has been living in France for several months, and she has some wonderful photos of her travels up on her blog.

All done! Time to see if there are any New York Style slices left in the kitchen.


mel said...

hey, thanks for the blog link :)
we are really hoping the ash clears fully asap - steve's family is supposed to fly tomorrow. i've heard that you haven't really made the plans for the trip yet...?! planes and trains are cheaper if you book a few weeks away... ;)
avoid ryanair if you can - easyjet is a little more but worth it

Errant Knave said...

Uh-oh, I hope Steve's family can fly alright. But a lot of the flights have been restored. The only problems we're hearing about are delays associated with backlog. It should be safe to fly.

There is no day-by-day breakdown of what we're doing, but we've made some plans. I'm going to book the remaining tickets this week. I was planning on taking one Ryanair flight, but I'll look at Easyjet too. Thanks for the tip.

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