Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Part 5 - 12 Covers of Xmas: Fly Me to the Moon (Frank Sinatra)

I got an email last night that made me laugh. All it said was, "We need to talk about your drum pattern selections." That's it. The email was from the drummer of my former band. When I record these songs, I usually just choose a beat and loop it through the entire tune. I have no doubt that my friend could come up with more varied and interesting beats. However, I'm not a drummer, so you'll have to suffer through plain old loops.

Moving on... this latest is one of my Top 5 Sinatra tunes.

Previous entries include covers of Bruno Mars, Hanson, Britney Spears, and the White Stripes.

Warning: Production has hit another snag. There might be an update tomorrow, but it could well be Friday before the next song goes up. Thanks for your patience.


bryesque said...

Nice choice! I dig it, sir. :D

Errant Knave said...

Thanks, Ol' Bry! It was this or... well, I'll save that for the next post.

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