Sunday, April 24, 2011

Long weekend odds and ends

It's a long weekend in these parts, and a very busy one as well, especially with all the family obligations. If you're celebrating the long weekend, I wish you all the best.

Shall we proceed?

-  With my country's national election coming closer, here's what I think: I don't care who you vote for. I care that you vote. If your response is that you don't like any of the candidates, you can exercise your democratic right to spoil your ballot. (Edit: No, you can't. Read on.) Low voter turnout equals apathy, while spoiled ballots equal disgruntled citizens. Believe me, have enough of those, and politicians will pay attention. You could be their key to Parliament. Don't ignore that power. (Edit, continued: We can't spoil ballots in Canada. Our current election system does not allow us to refuse our ballot. Any blank ballots are lumped together with the spoiled ballots--those with unclear marks or mistakes--so Party officials are not made aware of their numbers. If we were allowed to refuse our vote, maybe then the Parties would start paying attention.)

-  Something else to ponder: What if every youth voted?

-  Because Rick Mercer is generally awesome, there's this:

-  These instructions came to my attention a few years too late for me, but maybe it will work for someone who still has to worry about sneaking out at night: How to Sneak Out of Your House at Night.

-  There's a royal wedding going on soon. It isn't really a big deal in this formerly British land, but there's still enough interest that some people are hoping the pubs are open at 5 am (because of the time difference) to toast Prince William and Kate Middleton. Some people also just want to drink that early in the day. If it happens, these people might be luckier than the royal guests who will go without beer.

-  I had higher hopes for the film adaptation of Water for Elephants. It's just getting middling reviews, and I hoped for more with Christoph Waltz and circus action. I admit that the era, romance, and circus setting has me interested in reading the book. Whether I get around to it or not is another matter.

-  What not to see next weekend: Fast Five*
*Unless the rating continues to stay fresh. How is the fifth movie in a franchise that is so dead actually holding a fresh rating right now?

-  A Game of Thrones (The TV series): There is too much to say about this for a little recap. Oh, I loved it. Absolutely. I think the cast and crew have done a pretty great job. (White walkers? Creeeepy.) I have a couple of quibbles, but nothing that's a deal-breaker. If you aren't watching this show yet, you really should. (Just make sure to screen it for your kids if you don't want them to see and hear some of the content.) We'll see if I can hold out on writing about the show before the season ends, but I think I'm going to do a re-watch/recap of the episodes after the finale. Yea/Nay?

-  Tres cool. Dancers in animated motion:

-  Songs of the week:
There's a couple. While I think I liked We Used to Wait more, The Suburbs is growing on me with repeated listenings. I assume by now, people know who Arcade Fire are.

Apparently, new material from Arkells should be out in a few months. Until then, Pullin' Punches is one of my favourite songs by the band.

That's all the news that's fit to print. Happy holiday!

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